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Hello! My name is Alexsi Kavvadas, I am 16 years old and I have been playing ringette for 10 years. I play for the AA Angels ringette team and have been on that team for 4 years, possibly 5 years in a row. I have won 3 provincial championships and won gold at the 2015 Western Canadian Championships. Now that’s definitely something I will never forget. I’m currently part of the Canada Winter Games Program, hoping to represent Manitoba for the 2019 championships. I am still in school and wanting to go into medicine one day. I am really looking forward to meeting so many other amazing ringette players, and helping you guys develop your skill to become the best you can be. All I ask is for you to work hard 100% of the time and to have fun 100% of the time because that’s what ringette is about.
Alexsi Kavvadas

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