Managed. Designed. Instructed.

Started in 2008 for players looking to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, Elite Ringette Training knows exactly what it takes. Managed, Designed & Instructed by female athletes who have not only played the sport and experienced amazing opportunities; but who have also dedicated their time to growing Ringette and supporting all female sports.

Head Coaching Staff - Elite Ringette Training

Unique Camps

The camps are Unique because the main priority is supplying the necessary resources for any athlete to succeed. This includes Guest Speakers who are qualified in their field, personalized journals to track what it takes to succeed off the ice and the necessary team building activities to let any athlete experience what it takes to make a winning team.

Dedicated Camps

The camps are Dedicated to helping all players reach the next level in their personal abilities and talents and indefinitely their potential as female athletes. Our ultimate goal is to promote an amazing sport by sharing what we, as players have been lucky enough to experience first-hand; with hopes that the up and coming stars in sport will be able to do the same, and more!

Play Hard, Practice Harder!

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