Our camps are fully owned, operated and managed by the players who not only love the game, but play, coach and volunteer to make it what it is today.

We truly believe Ringette is "our" sport to make better year over year. Started in 2008 by a girl and her love for the game; We now aim to give all athletes the exposure to what it takes to become their best.

Our Instructing staff have been athletes in our programs at some point since 2008. We aim to bring athletes from our programs into a coaching role as a volunteer first, then as a junior instructor and further with opportunities to apply for roles as group leads, head instructors or Site Managers.

Being an Elite athlete is so much more than showing up for games and practices. We aim to share what we've had the opportunity to learn and continue to develop. "Why learn if you can't share?"

Stay tuned to meet your Coaching Staff for upcoming Camps!

The Elite Team

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